Stray Dog Guides Rescuers To Other Puppies Waiting To Be Saved

We don’t really realize how many poor creatures are pleading for our assistance. Unfortunately, even though certain people are aware of the situation, they fail to assist for various reasons. However, this does not rule out the possibility of help for animals in need. The fearful puppies, like the puppies in this story, were rescued by kind-hearted rescuers.

A call was received by the Northeast Animal Rescue team in China, stating that there was a small dog near the road. They arrived without hesitation and discovered a puppy on the lawn. When the dog saw them, he dashed into the shrub.

When the rescue team arrived, they were surprised to see two more puppies waiting for them. When the team got close to them, the puppies stood still and looked up, indicating that they were not afraid of them.

When the rescuers realized the puppies were in bad shape, they returned to their car to get some food and water for them.

The three puppies began to suffocate in the water. Needless to mention, the dogs had been without water for a long time.

The puppies were given more water and food by the team. When they saw the dogs eating as if it was the first time they had eaten, it broke their hearts. The puppies seemed to enjoy the treats that the caring team had given them.

The rescuers then looked around and waited for the pup’s mother to appear, but to no avail. There was no sign of a mother dog in the field. The team came to the sad conclusion that the mother was no longer alive at this stage. That was the cause of the puppies’ malnutrition.

Since it was difficult to locate their mother, the team decided to bring the puppies to their headquarters and bathe them. A team member gave the dogs the names Panther, Bear, and Myna. They were also well cared for at the heart.

They were then able to move into their new temporary home.

Food and water were not a concern for the puppies. They’d all have a chance to live in a warm, caring environment that they deserved.

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