Capybara is brought to a rescue sanctuary, falls in love with every animal there

Capybara is brought to a rescue sanctuary, falls in love with every animal on the farm

Family can sometimes appear in the most unexpected places. Cheesecake, an extremely laid-back capybara, is the perfect example of this.

The capybara has spent her entire life at Rocky Ridge Refuge, an animal rescue refuge in Arkansas. And she adores each and every one of the animals!

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Cheesecake is an extremely friendly creature who has developed friendships with almost every animal she has encountered.
She was brought to the rescue for mistreated and neglected animals as a baby. Because she was so young, she required regular care, so she and her puppies resided with Janice Wolf, the sanctuary’s founder.

“She slept with the dogs and played with them,” Wolf claimed.

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“She’d adopt them and live with them, sleeping and eating with them and disciplining them if they were misbehaving.” She was a wonderful foster mother who did an outstanding job,” she added.

Cheesecake began to look after all of the newcomers to the sanctuary, just as the pups had looked after her. She adored her new family and became a mother to all of the animals at the rescue facility.

Wolf later rescued a second capybara named Cobbler from a person who had purchased him from an exotic pet seller. A child had apparently placed an internet order for him and flown him to New York City, only to discover that they were illegal in that state.

“They tracked me down and sent me this small little capybara,” Wolf explained. “Capybaras are gregarious animals who live in large groups in the wild, so having another capybara is a positive thing.”

Since then, Cheesecake and Cobbler have been best friends. Cheesecake’s affection for her brothers and sisters, on the other hand, hasn’t dimmed in the least.

“She accepts other animals so well,” Wolf added. “Most of my animals are like that, but she’s the ultimate of it since she’s taken care of everyone.”

Cheesecake and other animals in need have benefited greatly from Rocky Ridge Rescue’s efforts. Consider making a donation to Rocky Ridge Rescueorganization! if you’d want to help!

Check out the video below to learn more about Cheesecake and her foster puppies!

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