Following the removal of 35 pounds of body hair, the rescued dog is no longer recognisable

After a haircut, everyone feels better. There is no feeling like getting your crowning glory cleaned up and styled properly, which may be why people are so eager to see salons and barbershops open again. Well, we’re not the only ones who appreciate good grooming. Additionally, our dogs enjoy feeling taken care of. Unfortunately, not all dogs are fortunate enough to have owners who regularly take them to the groomer to have their fur coats perfectly trimmed and groomed. Rescue dogs are frequently left on the streets without even the most basic of care for their physical appearance and basic well-being.

And for dogs, that can have a negative impact on their health because, if their fur is constantly matted, it can serve as a breeding ground for parasites like fleas and ticks or just be uncomfortable. Lazarus, a Great Pyrenees dog, was one of these neglected dogs that hadn’t been groomed for six years, which unfortunately meant that his hair had grown into a cluster of outrageous mats that left him in significant pain and were affecting the way he was able to walk. Lazarus had been living with his owners, who sadly were unable to provide for the large dog due to their advanced medical conditions. But fortunately for Lazarus, Amanda Charsha-Lindsey with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue noticed him and was able to take the dog in and provide him with the care he so desperately needed. Lazarus actually lost 35 pounds of thickly matted hair as a result.

After spending six years in a barn stall, he was given a fresh start and the opportunity to live a happy life. He desperately needed a haircut, so Charsha-Lindsey asked groomer Candice Skelton for assistance in getting him free of all those mats. Given that he needed help from seven people for his grooming, the video was astounding to say the least. Also, because Lazarus was transformed to such an extent that he was no longer recognizably Lazarus. Charsha-Lindsey claims that Lazarus is a little reserved and not particularly social, but that once he earns someone’s trust, he is a sweet guy. She did write on Facebook that once Lazarus got used to running laps around the yard, he would “start building some muscle tone back.”. In order to be introduced to the public, the adorable dog would also require “vetting and some rehab time. ”.

Watch the video of Lazarus below:

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