Pit Bull Saves Kid From A Deadly Snake

Pit Bull Runs Toward Screaming Kid And Ended Up Saving Child From A Deadly Snake

Pit bulls have a reputation for being aggressive dogs. This Pit Bull, on the other hand, is a hero at heart, sacrificing his life to save the life of a young child.

Images/Story Source Credit: Facebook/Love What Matters

A woman’s post about her brother’s Pit Bull went viral when she shared it on Facebook. She expressed herself as follows:

“Around 10 p.m., my brother was walking Hurley, his pit bull lab mix, in our neighborhood field. He walks him this late so he can let him off his leash and do what he enjoys, which is sniffing all the different scents. Hurley heard a tiny child scream and ran after it before my brother could react.

With my brother close by, he witnessed Hurley snatching a copper-headed snake from the little child and flinging it around, later discovering that he had killed it. My brother was unable to gather any information on the small boy since he dashed to his mother’s vehicle and rushed away so quickly. (We assume he was bitten and was transported to the ER because they left so quickly.)

My brother then called animal control, and the Highland Village Police Department arrived to investigate the situation. They wanted to examine Hurley to determine whether he had been bitten. My brother was bleeding profusely, had a swollen neck, and was frothing at the lips, much to my amazement. They discovered two puncture holes in his upper lip.

Images/Story Source Credit: Facebook/Love What Matters

Hurley was taken to Denton Animal Emergency Hospital, where he stayed the night so that his blood clotting capacity could be checked many times. Hurley and Shelby both arrived home this morning. Hurley is doing much better this morning, however he still appears to be uncomfortable due to his swollen face and neck.

Hurley may have saved the small kid from being bitten, or at the very least from being bitten numerous times, after it was revealed the little child had come across a copper head nest. We’re still looking for the little boy’s identity and making sure he’s okay.”

Here’s our hero pit bull. I’d like for his story to get around for those who judge his breed.

Images/Story Source Credit: Facebook/Love What Matters

This woman encouraged others to share her message in order to combat the negative stereotype that surrounds Pit Bulls. Thousands of people were moved by the story, which was shared over 300,000 times!

Thousands of people offered heartfelt messages, including one user who said, “Hurley is a hero.” “May God bless his wonderful heart for rescuing that tiny boy.”

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