Abandoned & Disabled Miniature Horse Now Lives Indoors With 3 Dog Best Friends

Abandoned & Disabled Miniature Horse Now Lives Indoors With 3 Dog Best Friends

Meet Peabody, a six-week-old miniature horse whose mother decided he was too small and abandoned him.

Fortunately, he was absorbed by Confidence Smith of San Diego, California, and now lives in luxury with his three puppy companions.
“Peabody is the tiniest horse in the world at his age,” Faith claims, claiming that he weighs only 19 pounds and is even smaller than most dogs.

“Equines are never indoor pets,” she continued, “but Peabody is so small that unless he grows bigger, he might never live outside, and we’re not sure whether he will. He is currently residing with the canines within your home.”

The veterinarian initially advised Peabody’s original owners to put him down when he was too young to access his mother’s breasts for weaning, but Belief refused.

She saw that he deserved another chance, despite a slew of issues, including his inability to walk, a misaligned jaw, and even the possibility that he was deaf and blind.

Faith travelled across the country in a van she had leased in order to confront Peabody and give him a second opportunity.

His skull had increased, his jaw had straightened, and he had discovered to walk once more since Confidence had rescued him.

She also discovered that his vision is normal, and that his deafness did not prevent him from acclimating to his new home.

” I’ll keep him for the rest of my life, but I hope he becomes bigger so he can go out with other horses. Otherwise, he’ll just be a hobby horse.”

” At first, he was in true survival mode. He was simply afraid of falling in love. He does, however, get along with the dogs now.”

” Now that he knows where his next meal is coming from, he’s having more fun with the pets and has relaxed his guard. He’s thinking right now that he’ll be taken care of in such a way that he’ll be able to survive.”

“We already have a small area where the pet dog pee pads are kept. So we’re teaching him how to go there,” she explained.

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