People Are Obsessed With This Adorable Dog With Curious Appearance

On occasion, the internet is flooded with unique and heartwarming dog stories that will leave you speechless. The same is true for Lucky, a 2-year-old dog whose owner is Charice Fca Cha and who resides in Thailand. Because of his intriguing and distinctive appearance, Lucky gained popularity right away.

Just a few weeks after being adopted, Lucky has already distinguished himself as a star child. Heterochromia, a disorder where each eye develops a different coloration (pale blue and brown), is something Lucky was born with, but it’s not the only thing he has. He stands out from the crowd even more because of his large, exaggerated eyebrow.

When his owner began sharing his adorable images online, Lucky began to gain fame. A small group of people have had trouble believing that this adorable and unusual-looking puppy actually exists, despite the fact that many others are infatuated with it.

Charice told The Dodo, “There are so many reactions.” Some people express shock, excitement, or astonishment. Everyone wants to talk to him.

Some people believe I photo-shopped his face or used a permanent pen to draw his eyebrow, she claimed.

Fortunately, Lucky is healthy despite having a strange appearance, and he is overjoyed to have found someone who loves him from the inside out.

Charice described him as “a really clingy guy.” He follows me around constantly, everywhere.

Lucky’s friendship with Charice is what she finds most special about him, not his two different eye colors or his dark eyebrow. She anticipates living a contented life with that adorable, alluring pup by her side.

“I think we will have a fun and very happy future,” Charice said.

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