A man finds a bullet in his back after adopting a dog from a shelter.

This story by Patrick Finnegan, “Rescued Dogs are Family,” is about how he assisted his best friend in putting his troubled past behind him.

“After residing in an apartment for approximately a year and a half, I made the decision to purchase a home, and after doing so, I realized it was time to adopt a dog. I was certain I wanted a dog but had no idea what kind. I would visit pet stores to play with the pups and look at them to attempt to decide which one I wanted.

“After being unable to connect with any, I made the decision to research adopting a dog. I visited a shelter to see a puppy named Junior after what felt like viewing at 100 other dogs online and desiring each one of them.

“When I first saw him, he was poorly groomed, stank, was agitated, and appeared to be a fighter. He leaped up as soon as he spotted me because he was heading to a new house. He captured my heart right away, and I promised to take him.

“I never realized the kind of life Dempsey or D (I gave him a new name after adopting him) had until I brought him home, cleaned him up, and had him groomed. He never had a lifelong home, as far as I could determine. Someone had previously mistreated him. I learned this after discovering a bullet wound in his back and an upside-down nail on him.

“Having Dempsey in my life has been a tremendous treat. He is the standard canine. When I am at home and relaxing or watching TV, he sleeps in my lap. He believes my pillow to be his as he snoozes at the foot of the bed or even under the covers. He enjoys chasing after bunnies and squirrels.

“Most individuals, in my opinion, would give up on him because he continues to struggle with obedience or restroom issues. He is a genuine gift from God, nevertheless. He is such a perfect match for me, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.

“He adopted me, not I,” the speaker said.

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