Dog And Cat Comfort Each Other After Being Abandoned. They Still Wait For Their Family In The Same Spot

This dog and cat duo was seen wandering the streets in Korea and therefore, the neighbors noticed that they weren’t typical street animals. The dog was sad, not knowing where to travel or what to eat, because it had been clearly a household pet.

An orange cat, who was in the similar state, was running away from everybody who tried to approach him. When the two met, they instantly grew close and helped one another through these difficult times. Since then, they have always strolled side by side and shown their love for one another.

According to the YouTube channel Kritter Klub, “the cat has become the simplest buddy and angel of an abandoned dog that arrives for his family and waits in the same position all day.”

None of them are used to living in a survival situation, therefore they must learn from one another in order to survive. Sadly, these animals belonged to an elderly family who had to travel without being able to take them with them. Since then, they have also received housing and food assistance from the community.

“The dog and therefore the cat play all the time. Besides, they sleep together to stay warm all night long. We put a blanket that they use as a bed and that we give them food,” said a neighbor.

The neighbor said, “The animals were reared by some elderly folks, but they were abandoned since they were sent to an aged care home. Animals were abandoned on the road since this center didn’t allow them.

The dog hasn’t given up and still hopes to satisfy again as well as his former owners, so he remains at the doorway of building 103, where he want to live, expecting his family to return. The cat accompanies him so that he doesn’t wait alone.

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