Old Dog No One Wants, Her Body Giving Out- She Lays In Kennel And Holds On

At shelters, rescue organizations, and foster homes all across the world, countless deserving pets wait for their future family. Sadly, some people never locate a place to call home. At the Villalobos rescue facility, where Tia Torres and her incredible family went, a dog like this is likely to live for his entire life. Animal Planet as a source
The Torres family has owned Summer, a senior dog at Villalobos, longer than any other dog at their facility. Tia almost gave up on the idea that Summer would ever find true happiness. The Torres family did their best to make room for the adorable dog and has shown her the affection and attention she merits.

She and my children essentially grew up together, according to Tia. Summer has been at Villalobos for just that long. Summer has resided at the rescue facility since she was 8 weeks old. She has grown older. The fact that no one ever offered to take the kind girl in hurts Tia’s heart.

She’s still here for no fault of her own. In the video below, Tia claims, “She was passed over. Age is currently affecting Summer physically. Her legs are unnaturally bowed due to her severe arthritis. Her pace slows down. She might, however, be a contented dog that is thankful.

The Torres family lacks the guts to give any dog away, so the rescue center is home to a large number of dogs. Tia and her family try to understand what adopters are looking for as they search for the ideal partner. Additionally, the family learns about their residences and matches them accordingly. Usually, they have a choice among many dogs. The ‘candidates’ are then introduced to the families, who choose the one who best meets their needs. Summer has never been selected, despite numerous occasions when adopters have done so.

Then, miraculously, a summer-specific application arrived. The prospective adoptive, Eileen, noticed Summer on the Villalobos senior page and knew right away that Summer belonged with her. The Torres family eagerly anticipated seeing the deserved dog when Eileen came home.

In the middle, Xia Xia slowly entered the space while making her age known. Eileen isn’t deterred by this though. In order to greet Summer, she descends to the ground.

Summer’s tail begins to wag. It’s the sweetest thing to see! The Torres family is usually upfront and fair to all or any the adopters and explains that with Summer’s advanced age and health, they doubt she is going to make it a full year. Would this deter Eileen? No. Eileen simply says: “She needs us.” Eileen then explains that if she didn’t adopt Summer and located out she gave up the ghost while at the middle, never having the chance to be during a home, it might break her heart. SubsequentIrene’s next steps are taken for granted.brainer.
Watch the video below to find out what happens next! And please remember, ALL dogs deserve a forever home. Regardless of their age!


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