Rescue agency helps struggling, abandoned puppy whose puppy friend died

A struggling puppy who lost his severely mistreated dog companion is being fought for by an Ohio rescue organization. The two puppies, which appeared to have been abandoned, were discovered and given to Joseph’s Legacy by good samaritans.

The rescue organization said on June 5:

We are quite sad. When the transporter was about to leave, the female, the white/grey baby that we had picked up from the Trotwood, Ohio area, passed away. The first two pictures were taken by the kind of people who discovered them.

The youngster, who is parvo-negative, is fighting for his life. We are unable to fathom who or why would have permitted this to occur. As we work so hard to push this youngster toward recovery, kindly keep him in your prayers.

Later updates depict a happier, healthier puppy who is thriving as a result of being fed. The rescue team claims:

spending some time today outside. It’s amazing how good he looks after only a few short days! Food is crucial! Please let us know if you can’t afford food. We’ll assist you! There is no justification for denying children their fundamental necessities.

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