Husky Captured Making Friends With A Buck While Lost In The Woods

Husky Lost In The Woods, Caught On Camera Making Friends With A Buck – Dog Dispatch

You never know what kind of images you’ll find on a trail camera. Deer, raccoons, and even coyotes are quite typical sightings. A trail cam could capture something absolutely special every now and then, like these sweet photos of a husky and a deer making friends.

It all started when Rachel Howatt’s husky, Koda, wandered away from their Manitoba, Canada home in December. Rachel looked for Koda everywhere, including the woods surrounding their house, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Rachel was terrified for her puppy and hoped she would be able to locate her safely. Rachel was relieved when Koda returned home after a few days, seemingly happy and healthy.
“I sought for her everywhere,” Rachel explained, “but in the end, she just came back herself.” I had no doubt in her ability to find her way home because she is so bright.”

Rachel was relieved to have Koda back in her arms, but she couldn’t help but wonder what her dog had been up to while she was gone. After a few days, she asked her next-door neighbor to check their game camera footage for any photographs of Koda.

The camera did, in fact, shoot photographs of Koda from the moment she ran away from home. The photographs also offered a vivid picture of why Koda did not immediately come home.

She was apparently busy making friends with a male deer she saw in the woods! The couple can be seen sniffing each other, eating, and even sleeping together, with the husky snuggled up by her side.

The two of them are so cute together, and one has to wonder what sparked their strange friendship, given that large wild canines are natural deer predators. But there they are, evidently unafraid and having a good time with each other. What lovely companions they are!

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