Monty has spent seven years in kennels and still no one wants to adopt him

At a rescue facility in Edenbridge, England, Monty has actually been called one of the country’s “most ignored canines.”

Monty has really spent the last seven of his eight years working at a rescue. Finally, Opportunity Pet Rescue’s staff is baffled as to why Monty hasn’t already found his permanent home.

Monty spent his entire first year of life in a small cage. He had trust issues and was slumped over by the time he got to the rescue as a result of the neglect and poor treatment he had had at such a young age. Sadly, prospective adopters show little interest in Monty.

The experts believe that Monty’s arched back was caused by his previous owners keeping him in a crate that was too small for him for a prolonged length of time. As a result, he struggles with trust and urgently needs a foster parent who can help him see that not everyone behaves badly, according to his fostering advertisement.

Monty does like the group’s attention and cuddling at the rescue, but in the past, he did not outperform the other animals. Instead, he growled and moved in their direction. He may now stroll by them without being bothered because he went to the shelter but without barking.

Actually, Monty only wants one devoted owner; he does not want to share and can become extremely envious, which could make him hostile. He needs to be muzzled in public places since he is not nice with animals. He will bark and pull when he sees them. Unfortunately, he becomes so upset that he bites your legs when attempting to reach other dogs, therefore his next owner needs to be quite strong. However, after moving to Last Chance, Monty is already able to walk without agitating the dog or kicking your legs, albeit it will take some time for him to master this in his new home.

Monty would certainly do best in a residence with no other pet dogs and with someone who can continue his training. He is an energetic dog, as well as likes to run and also go after tennis balls– he just does not bring them back.

” The reason we have had Monty with us for as long is that he is not a very easy pet dog but we are sure there may be someone out there he can call his own and also will like him of what he is, a somewhat harmed rogue! So to summarize we are seeking an adult only, bachelor residence with no other animals, great deals of persistence, love, yard and also tennis rounds! Lots of visits to hang out with him before fostering would certainly be needed, so someone not as well much from us would be excellent (unless you love long and also constant journeys)! If you feel you could be Monty’s ‘human’ please call us, we would love to speak with you.”

Please tell your friends, family, and contacts on social media about Monty. We have helped pets with much more severe issues find the homes of their dreams; we are aware that Monty’s new family is nearby and have been waiting for this magnificent dog.

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