Street dog who had been battered by a drug-addled man shed real tears when she felt safe.

Every day, stray animals struggle. It’s difficult to even locate food and water, according to ilovemydogsomuch.

An additional daily task is staying protected from the elements. What many people don’t realize is that some people really harm stray animals because they view them as “pests.” Although it is distressing, it is a fact in many nations where there are no laws prohibiting animal cruelty.
A man on drugs punched a puppy many times despite it doing nothing to anyone. Her wounds became potentially fatal.

The puppy, eventually given the name Leona, was discovered on the pavement completely defenseless. She suffered from balance problems, infected ears, and severe limb injuries. She couldn’t even stand up because of how ill she was. She was sprawled out, hoping someone would come to her aid.

Thankfully, someone did just that!

Leona, merely a baby, was taken to the vet. The doctor knew right away that she would need surgery in order to survive. Leona was also in a lot of pain.

The doctor gave her IV pain medication immediately. You could see Leona as she cried actual tears. But thankfully, things were about to change!

The procedure on Leona went quite nicely. She will need some time to heal, but so far, her recovery is progressing well. She is also under the loving care of an animal rescuer who promises to do everything in her power to help her find the ideal home. Let’s offer Leona our prayers! She merits it.

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