Dogs are popular pets partly due to their ability to show emotion and be animated. People always appreciate the fact that their four-legged canine friends will always try their best to communicate with humans despite a language barrier between the two species.

Although we may not always be able to comprehend exactly what our dogs are feeling, the dog will always try their best to tell us how they feel through their body language, facial expressions, and vocals.

Any dog owner will tell you that words like “walkies” and “din dins” will get an immediate reaction from your pet. But on the other end of the scale, words like “the vets,” will also get a reaction – and this time, it won’t be so good. Our pets really do hate the vets.

No matter how sociable, friendly, or relaxed your dog is, chances are, they’re going to absolutely hate the vets. No good can ever come out of a visit to the vets. They get poked and prodded by needles,their claws get snipped away, and don’t even get us started on those trips to the vets when they’ve eaten something that they shouldn’t have. Those vomiting injections are not fun. What’s more, the vet’s office is a place that’s absolutely heaving with other anxious pets, and there are so many new noises and smells and things to look at that it’s enough to drive your pet into a sensory overload.

So when Enzo the German Shepherd realized that he was in the parking lot of the vets, it was time for instant panic. Enzo had been enjoying his car ride with the expectation that he was simply going to the dog park like usual. But as the roads began to look depressingly familiar, he realized where he was really going. And as they pulled up into the parking lot, his worst fears were confirmed.The poor pooch feels as if he’s been tricked. He stares out of each window as if he can’t quite believe where he is. But deep down, Enzo knows EXACTLY where they’re parked. He is at *gulp* the vet.

But Enzo’s family did clarify for viewers that Enzo is doing great after his little excursion to the vet’s. The visit was a result of Enzo’s allergies, which had been triggered by a recent relocation from a northern state down to a southern state. But other than that, this big boy is living his best life!

You can watch the video of Enzo’s vet trip below:

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