Cats are sometimes said to have “nine lives,” due to their ability to always land on their feet. But the same can be said about one dog, who bravely escaped from a burning home by leaping out the window from the second floor.

In Fleetwood, Berks County, a man named Justi Steimetz reportedly saw a smoke-filled residence while on his way to work. The adults and children were at work and school, leaving no one inside the house. Justi desperately tried to contact for assistance.

But the situation took a dramatic turn after the family’s dog, Charlie, appeared in the home’s second-story window, desperately trying to escape

Charlie was encouraged by the firefighters to leap from the widow, which was the only route to safety. The dog leaps bravely in a dramatic moment that Justi was able to record on tape. He survived the fire, but it had left him burned.

He had a mouth full of smoke, luոgs full of smoke, aոd he jumped to safety,” Justiո told NBC. “He jumped wheո he ոeeded to, that’s what matters.

The family’s second dog and two cats, who had managed to flee the house, were also discovered on the scene.

The homeowners, known as the Stump family, “lost everything” in the fire, despite the fact that it’s wonderful that the pets survived. After they lost their house, a GoFundMe campaign was started to assist them in getting back on their feet.

“We are very grateful they are ok, but are paiոfully aware that their lives will be sigոificaոtly impacted as a result of the devastatiոg fire to their home today,” the site reads. The page has raised $40,000 for the family.

Here is the full 15-minute video of the documented fire.

The family also posted an update on Charlie’s condition. He is doing OK!

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