Cute Baby Fox Was Rescued And Reunited With Mom After Being Found Alone And “Crying”

With the assistance of the kind folks at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia, it was quickly reunited with its mother.

The local homeowner spotted this newborn fox, who was alone and crying for his mother, after hearing a little cry emanating from their garden, according to the shelter’s social media pages.

“They called us right away!” And when two representatives had arrived, they’d found the cub was “alert” and “hydrated,” with “a full belly.”

Given that they thought the mother of the infant “was very likely someplace close,” they placed the puppy in a basket “so he couldn’t climb out and wander off, but the mother would be able to easily bring him out.”

After being safe, the cub was placed “in a safe position in the garden” and kept under observation as it waited for its mother.

“The homeowner kept an eye on him the rest of the day, and we are happy to report that by the next morning, the mother had safely retrieved her baby!”

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