Dog Saved From Being Euthanized, Now Keeps Staring At The Wall In Her New Home.

Watching this sweet dog ready to accept love is just the sweetest !

A woman called Chelsea saw a photo of a dog called Clementine and she decided to help her as she was on the euthanasia list. The woman, who directly fell in love with the dog, and went to the shelter and took her home with her.

However, despite being rescued, the dog was so skittish and scared and she just wanted to stare at the walls. Thankfully, Clementine started getting better day by day and she came out of her shell. She even started asking for pats on the head. Fortunately, her new life is great for her as she also has 2 doggy siblings, and they all love each other. Thanks to Chelsea who gave Clementine the second chance she deserved in life.

Learn more about Clementine’s loving transformation in the video below:

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