The Dog Finally Found Its Home After More Than 500 Days in Kennels

After More Than 500 days in Kennels, The Dog Finally Found Its Home

Buddy has stayed at the RSPCA Brent Knoll Animal Centre in Somerset the longest of all the animals. According to the animal shelter, Buddy’s prior owner wanted to put him down because of his behavior.

Andy Cook of the RSPCA said Buddy had “settled well into his new home.” He also said they planned to take the rehoming process gently so Buddy’s future owners would be aware of his previous conduct and experiences. “I took Buddy to the home on Monday for some assistance and stayed for an hour just to see how it went, and I could tell that they were fine pretty soon,” the behavior and welfare counselor stated.

Buddy has been working with behaviorists since his arrival at the facility to address his issues and identify triggers after a veterinarian refused to put him down at his previous owner’s request.

After reading the BBC Points West plea earlier this month, Buddy’s new owners realized he was looking for a new home.

“When the animals are rehomed, the entire team is ecstatic.” Buddy’s case may have caused a little more concern about how things would turn out, but they are all doing incredibly well, and it is a success.”

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