Deployed Dad Sends A Smelly T-Shirt Home For His Dog, And He Adorably Freaks Out.

Brindle is a sweet dog who loves his parents more than anything in the world. Brindle’s parents, JD and Rachel Aument, rescued the dog from a shelter when he was a puppy. The dog was so happy to have a home.

Instantly, Brindle fell in love with his new home. Further, he quickly became best friends with his brother, Xander.

According to Rachel, Xander is closer to her while Brindle is closer to JD.

JD is an army reserve firefighter. When he had to be deployed overseas, the entire family missed him. However, this change affected Brindle the most.

Without his dad, Brindle was miserable. He sat, looked out the front window for a while, and then started crying. Rachel told JD about Brindle, so he thought of a way to send his love and help his furry friend.

JD sent a smelly, used, and unwashed shirt for the dogs. As soon as Rachel gave the shirt to them, Brindle immediately recognized JD’s scent.

Brindle wagged his tail and rubbed his body against the shirt. Also, he rolled on and snuggled with it. According to Rachel, it was such an emotional sight.

Rachel felt comforted that she got to see the dog so happy again. During the time, Rachel even recorded Brindle being excited by JD’s shirt.

From that day on, Brindle was never seen without JD’s shirt. He carried it with him everywhere.

He would lie down with it, rub his body on the shirt, and he even wore it. The shirt definitely made him feel comforted and was once again his old self.

Luckily, JD returned home shortly after. The whole family was overjoyed, especially Brindle who never left JD’s side.

Watch the dog’s heartwarming reaction in the video below.


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