Baby Lamb Needs A Mum And Kind Mare Volunteers To Be The One.

One of the things widely known about horses is that they are one of the most beautiful animals in thr world, ain’t no questioning it. It is undeniable when you have these horses in front of you, you can’t help it but admire their beauty. It is something that is unique even for people who have nothing to do with horses in their lives.

Source: YouTube/Screenshot

Such positivity and kind heart are definitely respected in the video below, which represents a story of an orphan lamb and an amazing horse. Angel is a horse with an incredible story. She came from deplorable conditions and severe neglect.

This horse was so afraid and fearful that she was left in the open, in a fenced-off area just for her comfort and with the purpose to show her that from now on there is nothing she would be afraid of because she was in the good hands of a wonderful person. Patricia had this ability to understand the horse’s behaviour and she decided to look after Angel which in turn resulted in creating a strong connection and this connection kept on flourishing. After Angel arrived at the farm she had a baby horse which unfortunately passed away.

Source: YouTube/Screenshot

This had an impact on Angel’s happiness and energy and Patricia knew the horse was suffering from that loss. Being a mother herself she knew what she had to do to relieve the horse’s pain a little bit, so she decided to give her a new baby. She brought Angel an abandoned lamb and the moment they met they immediately loved each other. This act seems to have brought Angel back from that state of grief she was in and since then they are inseparable.


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