Woman was looking for puppy to adopt, finds her dog who disappeared 2 years ago

When a woman from Schuylkill Area, Pennsylvania surprisingly located her dog after two years, she had a very emotional reunion with him. On a fostering website,  woman was looking for a brand-new animal companion when she ran into her cherished dog.

Aisha Nieves believed she was having a problem in the year 2019. Her former house was hit by a car from Allentown, but as if that weren’t awful enough, her dog, Kovu, vanished. The young woman was upset when she realized she might not see her puppy again because they had a really close bond. She spent weeks looking for him, but all she did was in vain.

He was my little one. Everywhere, he would pick me, the woman informed the media. In essence, this is what a man’s best friend is. When I came back later that day, he wasn’t there to greet me and give me kisses like he usually did, so I realized he had left. I looked through the entire house and was unable to find him. I then searched Allentown for about a week and was still unable to find him.

After several weeks had passed since the incident, Aisha finally learned what had happened to Kovu, but it was worse. She found out that her puppy was in some way located as well as brought at the Lehigh Area Humane Society, yet meanwhile an additional household embraced him. For that reason, there was absolutely nothing the young woman could do!

However, something truly unusual happened two years later. Aisha started looking for a pet dog to adopt because she had made the decision to share her life with another little puppy. However, when she was looking through the Humane Culture’s adoption list, she came across a familiar face: Kovu was once more listed for adoption. Aisha’s heart began to race as if it were about to jump out of her chest, and she soon realized that she would do whatever it took to reunite with her old friend.

She told WFMZ that “he had a mark exactly over his proper eye.” “It’s not really recognizable anymore, but you could see it in the image they had.”

A very psychological gathering was only a small step away as the woman immediately called Humane Society to inform them of the situation. “I was perspiring. My hands started to shake,” she remembers. “I was afraid that since it had been so long, he wouldn’t remember me.”

All of Aisha’s worries vanished as soon as Kovu saw his favorite human in front of him. The devoted animal soon recognized her and went to her! He “just leapt on me and we started kissing and cuddling,” she claimed. “I told him, ‘Yeah, buddy, you’re heading home. I’m really sorry that it took place. I’m never going to lose you again.'”

Check out the emotional video below:.

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