Puppy With Skin Infection Finds New Home, Becomes A Beautiful Dog.

You are about to experience a miracle, if you haven’t already. No offense to those who choose to buy animals, but if you are a true animal lover, you would rather choose to adopt an animal from a shelter and give them the new life that they deserve. Unfortunately, because shelters are overcrowded with animals, some animals must be put to death in order to make room for new ones. It’s amazing what love and care can accomplish. Today, we stumbled upon a story about a cute canine named Lainey that is absolutely incredible. Lainey had secondary skin infections and demodectic mange. Over the course of several months, he would receive aggressive treatments, and at a crowded shelter in Alabama, his name was on the list of animals to be put to death. But for the gorgeous puppy, God had other plans. He sent down an angel dressed as Buckley, a person.

Buckley decided to adopt the cute pupper to give him a new life after learning about Lainey and finding it impossible to imagine her life without him. Scroll down to see how the miracle occurred. People would rarely adopt an animal with a skin disease or any kind of disease, but this lady was truly an angel.


It’s been 4 years since they’ve been living together, and Buckley is loving every minute of it, as is her precious pupper. During all this time, it made Buckley realize how many dogs are struggling through these tough times and how their lives can be changed just if someone is willing to. Surprised much? We thought so. Just when the pupper had lost all hope and was on the verge of being put to eternal sleep, Buckley came out for his rescue! Consequently, if you consider yourself to be a true animal lover, this should serve as motivation for you all to choose to adopt an animal from a shelter close by. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and we promise it will be the best feeling ever to give them a new life.

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