A frightened donkey runs away from a burning forest and refuses to leave the side of firefighters


The following story highlights just how awesome firefighters are! While dealing with wildfires in the Mojave Valley of Arizona, Desert Hills Fire Chief Bill Weber and 10 other firefighters battled the blaze. A frightened donkey emerged from the bushes and joined them.

In August 2015 she shared photos of the scene on Facebook, her Karen Kühnel wrote: This photo was taken by my neighbor and friend Bill Weber, Chief of the Desert Hills Fire District and her girlfriend. A firefighter hosed the donkey to get it safely out of danger. Way to go guys! ! !

That is fantastic, said one commenter. That donkey is aware of their rescue. We live in a fantastic location, another person wrote. These free-ranging donkeys normally adore their human companions. They were consoling to them today.

Later, Stacey Benjamin published a different image with the caption: “A Break for the Guys and their New Pal! On the left is my husband! I’m glad to see they’re happy! hard at work That’s for certain!


It turns out that the donkey has an owner, but the owner of the burro was evacuated from his home and had to leave the animal behind. According to the authorities, the donkey and his owner were reunited. As several people pointed out, the donkey looks to have an overgrown rear hoof in one of the photographs, so they intend to follow up with the owner to make sure the animal receives adequate hoof treatment.

Many residents were compelled to leave their animals behind since they had to flee immediately. The American Red Cross is there assisting families affected by the fire, which has destroyed multiple homes in the region.

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