A puppy Bernese Mountain Dog tries to play with an unfriendly senior dog.

This puppy is undoubtedly a morning person!

Puppies can be a real pain in the neck for anyone, but their parents really struggle with this. Any canine parent could experience stress from raising their litter, especially if they turn out to be a feisty group, just like we do when we take care of human offspring. Regarding that, observe the tired-looking Bernese Mountain father who has been surrounded by his daughter all day.

Even though the dog is having a relaxing day, the kid won’t let him.

Although his nine-week-old daughter Zoey is in severe need of her exhausted father’s attention, 10-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog Max just wants to lay on the house’s chilly hardwood floor.

Zoey gives her dad an excessively enthusiastic “good morning” while barking and jumping on him. But Max is simply too worn out to give her daughter the care she required. He merely makes an effort to avoid the puppy as much as possible.

Just when Max believed he’d finally gotten a break, Zoey wouldn’t give up.

She gave his father a few loud and piercing barks, and Zoey sprinted away from him. Max rested his head on the floor once more after hearing silence at last. Nevertheless, Zoey persisted in attempting to convince his father to play with her and let out an adorable fierce bark in front of his father. Max’s face conveyed his annoyance at being startled by her daughter time and time again.

Max was tolerant, remaining as still as he could until Zoey gave up trying.

According to the AKC, Berners, also known as Bernese Mountain Dogs, have a serene disposition, as Max demonstrated in the video.

Max was able to tolerate the commotion his daughter, who was 9 weeks old, was generating. He avoided losing his anger entirely!

Possibly realizing that her dad was too exhausted to play with her, Zoey eventually calmed down. The rest of the time was spent by Zoey discreetly skulking around and sniffing her father’s paws.

At the conclusion of the video, Max was able to discover the tranquility he had been seeking all day.

The Berner dog’s owner was able to record a sweet little video of the father and daughter’s day and posted it to YouTube. More than 700,000 people saw the video, and you could tell they enjoyed it from the comments.


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