Shelter Puppy Helps Her Blind And Deaf Sister Get Through Everyday Life

Shelter Puppy Helps Her Blind And Deaf Sister Get Through Everyday Life, And Now They Are Looking For A Home Together

A couple was walking down the road in Louisiana when they came face to face with eight puppies and their mother. The large family appeared to have been viciously and unceremoniously abandoned by an unknown person and left to fend for themselves. The caring couple has agreed to foster the entire family until they can find them permanent homes!

Star and Denver are two of the eight puppies who have formed an unbreakable and extraordinary bond that will last a lifetime. The Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego took the pups in after they stopped feeding and set out to find them their everlasting homes.

Six of the eight puppies fortunately have now found and joined their new families, however Star and Denver are still looking. The siblings can only be adopted together and there is a good reason for that.

Star happens to be deaf and mostly blind, and Denver has become his sister’s constant guide and protector. He won’t let Star a minute out of his sight as he always wants to make sure that she is safe.

Star gets a lot of strength from her brother, and the two are completely entwined. It’s impossible not to notice their distinct and emotional connection when you watch them together.

Star may now enjoy her puppy life even more and participate in the “typical” things that any other dog would. Exploring, running, and playing around are just a few examples.

HWAC’s social media manager, Kelleher, told The Dodo that Denver is always checking in on Star to make sure he’s okay and that she knows he’s close by.

She explained, “He does this by prodding her.”

Star and Denver are currently looking for their permanent home, but we are confident that this will happen soon because they are both so adorable!

Watch the incredible video below:

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