Little bulldog surrendered because he can’t walk won’t stop talking

Despite being little, he has a loud voice.

Sadly, dangerous dog breeding is still a problem today, and as a result, thousands of puppies worldwide are born with birth abnormalities that can change their lives. Breeders frequently resort to extreme measures to produce the “best-looking” puppy, including inbreeding within the same litter, mating two drastically different dog breeds, or repeatedly mating the runts from two litters to create the beloved “toy” dogs (the majority of whom are unaware of the risks associated with toy breeding).

Sadly, it appeared that a small dog brought into a rescue facility in Mexico was in this situation.

Volunteers will never be able to tell for sure what kind of history the tiny bulldog had, but he exhibited several of the classic indicators of risky breeding. In addition to being little, he also had other physical flaws that were not explained and had trouble walking.

But after receiving a ton of love and attention from a fantastic foster team, the tiny dog went on to have his happy ending and even regained his ability to walk.

Quarries Modo was delivered in poor condition to Road Dogs and Rescue in Mexico. The tiny bulldog, who was just a quarter the size of his littermates and had been abandoned because he couldn’t walk correctly, When the researchers examined him, they made the assumption that he might have dwarfism as well as hydrocephalus, a condition where there is an excess of fluid in the brain that frequently affects toy breeds. The small dog’s improperly developed back legs make it difficult for him to walk.

This little puppy had some physical challenges, but his spirit was unbreakable.
Quarries was one of the happiest and toughest pups you’ll ever meet, and he loved the other bulldogs in his foster home who were all at least twice his size right away!

Quarries’ unwavering willpower allowed him to gain weight and quickly develop his own distinctive walking gait. He eventually reached a healthy size.
The dogs that were fostered led opulent lives with countless toys, delicious food, and even excursions to the beach. Despite being a tiny dog, Quarries’ cheerful nature shined through, and he always let you know when he had something to say by barking loudly!

Alatana Loves Kittens uploaded a 12-minute video to YouTube of Quarries’ adorable bark and all of the bulldog’s incredible development, and in no time it has been viewed over 3.4 million times and received thousands of likes.

People expressed their love for the video in the comments, with one user writing:

He is proclaiming, “I AM HERE, AND I AM THE BOSS!”

Someone else added:

“This little guy was delighted to find these kind individuals who took him in. They seem to have a wonderful heart and assist many pets with various difficulties. Please continue helping these great pets as you are. They are quite lucky to have come across you.

The little pup is in Foster care with Road Dogs and Rescue,

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