After Falling Down In The Snow, 87-Year-Old Woman Is Saved By Neighbor’s Dog

When winter rears its icy head, the severe temperature brings with it a number of dangerous elements. The dangers of winter, from slick streets to frostbite, should not be underestimated. Given the harsh winter we’ve had this year, the number of disasters that have occurred is unsurprising.

87-year-old Noreen was one of the few people who managed to survive the subzero temperatures. Tim Curfman, Noreen’s next-door neighbor, has Midnight, a dark Labrador mix. Tim and Noreen reside in the heart of Minnesota and are no strangers to the cold.

As a result, when Noreen went out to refill her bird feeder, she assumed she’d be safe. Regrettably, the effort proved to be far too dangerous for her. 12 PM, who had noticed Noreen laying in the snow, warned his owner.

Tim claims that the way his dog’s ears perked up alerted him to the fact that something was wrong. When Tim realized something wasn’t right, he asked Midnight to put him in the right direction. Tim was directed to the opposite side of the house, where Noreen was lying on the ground, defenseless.

Tim jumped right in, quickly assisting Noreen to her feet and escorting her inside. Tim estimated that she’d only been there for around 30 minutes. Tim’s wife got some dry clothing and wrapped Noreen in a towel when she saw what was going on.

Noreen was unharmed and did not have frostbite. Tim, his family, and their brilliant dog have a special place in her heart.

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