Passerby, a group of saviors, saves a mother dog and three puppies that were left in a creek.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan heard their frantic screams and intervened to save them.

After being dumped in a creek, a good Samaritan watched over a mother dog and her three puppies to ensure their safety.

When the rescuer was on her way home from work, she saw a dog and three puppies being dumped near a creek. Paws 4 the Cause, a Kentucky rescue that took in the mother and pups, wrote on Facebook that the puppies fell into the water and were “in a panic crying.”

The woman was able to immediately save the puppies from the water after witnessing their dump. She immediately returned to look for her mother after bringing them safely home, but she was too afraid to approach anyone and could not be caught. Paws 4 the Cause posted on Facebook that “many good people came together as a rescue nation to secure momma” the following day.

The dogs were taken in and treated by Paws 4 the Cause. One of the puppies, Sandy, Dixie, and River, is receiving treatment for a skin infection. The puppies have received their first shot. Mom, Laurel, is receiving antibiotic treatment for an infection and is also receiving medical care.

“Has been the worst we have ever seen,” according to the shelter, of the recent dumping of dogs in the area.

It stated, “There is no need to do this because there are so many rescues working tirelessly to help save the overwhelming number of animals that need to be saved this year.”

Keep in mind that if you are unable to care for your pet any longer, you should either rehome them or surrender them to a shelter.

The shelter is looking for foster homes to house the mother and her puppies while they wait for new homes.

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