With a rubber chicken toy, a horse finds true happiness

I’m confident that the majority of you had a favorite toy or game when you were little. You may have a pastime or interest that keeps you occupied as adults. Cats have scratching posts, whereas dogs have sticks. Have you ever witnessed a horse engaging in rubber chicken play, though?

Yes, you read that right. We have a chicken here who like playing with a particularly specialized toy. Certainly, it can seem a little unusual, but who doesn’t feel a little thrill when they hear a rubber chicken squeak?

We are aware that whenever you pass them in the store, you find yourself squeezing them to hear the high-pitched shriek. We’ve all done it; don’t try to deny it.

We promise that watching this horse play with a fake chicken will make you smile.

horse playing with a rubber chicken

Watching this horse take in the noises of the chicken is surprisingly soothing. Strange as it may be, I find it to be soothing.

From what I can tell, this horse could perform this task nonstop. But when he starts shaking it forcefully and we hear it squawk loudly and quickly, it’s the part that truly had us laughing.

This truly made us grin, so I guess it’s simply the simple things in life. That will certainly do the same for you as well. Hence, if you only need a little boost of motivation, this movie is for you.

Don’t forget to watch this hilarious horse playing with a rubber chicken in the video below.

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