Adopted deaf dog is certain she’s going back to the shelter once again

Blu feared she would never find a home after spending so many years in the shelter.
In the United States, five to ten percent of canines are deaf.

Some canines develop hearing loss as they age, while others are born deaf. Hereditary deafness frequently has a cochleosaccular cause that is genetically based.

Dogs with white coats and blue eyes are frequently affected by this type of deafness.

Pit bull named Blu has beautiful blue eyes and a white coat. Blu is deaf.
She spent her days alone in an animal sanctuary, with no visitors.

Luckily, business colleagues Mark and Sean were searching to adopt a deaf dog in the San Francisco region.

At the Family Dog Rescue, they discovered two. Blu was one of them.

She was lively and full of life when Mark and Sean first encountered her at the shelter.

According to Mark, “She had a great affinity to Sean right away, and the rest is pretty much history.”

The original owners of Blu got in touch with them and let them know that Blu had lived with them for six years. Blu was unfortunately taken to a shelter after they were forced to move into a rental home that did not allow pit bulls.

Blu was one of the guests who stayed the longest in the refuge.
It took her some time to feel at ease with her new dads because she had been alone for a long time.

Blu wasn’t sure what their plans were for her or if they would send her back to the shelter.
In fact, she was terrified on the first vehicle ride we brought her on to the beach, which was a few days after we got her. She was merely trembling in the back, Mark observed.

Blu’s personality allegedly developed after she felt at ease around Mark and Sean.

Blu still enjoys vehicle drives three years later and after receiving tons of love and attention.

Blu was made aware of Mark and Sean’s affection and desire for her.

They have such a close relationship with Blu that they have developed a unique way of speaking.
Blu can tell where they are going based on the way her father walks and even smells their feet while out on a stroll.

“I suppose she is my spiritual animal. She lets me know when she’s worried, joyful, or sad. Simply said, Sean and I read each other extremely well.

Blu is aware that Mark and Sean’s fidgeting is a sign that she is acting well. Sean gives her a warning look, telling her to calm down.

Additionally, they worked with a trainer to teach Blu how to relax by stretching when she is anxious.

Blu’s deafness has no impact on her day-to-day interactions or her ability to get along with her new owners.
Mark claimed that it only had an impact on Blu’s capacity to form bonds with other canines.

She and the other deaf dogs I’ve had haven’t been able to pick up on a lot of the subtle verbal cues that dogs use to communicate with one another, according to Mark.

“Canines who are deaf hear with their hearts. In the future, I don’t think I’d ever consider getting rid of my deaf dog because they’re so rare and one of a kind,” Sean added.
They stated that while most dogs are bothered by pyrotechnics on holidays, Blue has no issues with them.

It’s touching to see how much Blu means to Mark and Sean.

It is also obvious that both parties feel the same way. Blu appears content, healthy, and safe in her new family.

We’re overjoyed that Blu has a place to call home with her new dads.

The heartwarming video of pit dog Blu and her two daddies is below.

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