After being finally adopted, a dog that had been in a shelter for more than a year is caught smiling himself to sleep.

There are so many kind creatures in animal shelters who are only waiting to be adopted by their person. Sadly, smaller puppies frequently get priority over older and larger pets. Despite the misconception that they are very frightening or aggressive, these big lugs are typically sweethearts who will adore you no matter what. Petey the dog is an excellent illustration of this. He eventually got his forever home after spending almost a year at a shelter. His new family even posted a photo of Petey sleeping with a smile on his face after moving in to add to the motivation.

Petey, a joyful dog with an eyepatch-like spot, had run out of time in a small overcrowded shelter and had no prospective adopters waiting for him. The staff then contacted the SPCA of Wake County to assist him in finding his permanent family at that time. Despite these circumstances, Petey never lost his enthusiasm and was looking forward to the relocation. “As soon as he arrived, he started pulling on the leash to open the door. According to Samantha Ranlet, a representative for the SPCA of Wake County, “He bounded into the building. “He was very playful and friendly right away. We couldn’t believe no one was interested in him.

The SPCA employees shared a photo of him on social media along with his adoption status. Petey found his happy home in a matter of weeks after his adopters fell in love with his adorable face and couldn’t wait to meet him. He now resides with his family, which already had a second dog.

According to a happy member of his new family, “Petey is settling in nicely in his new home,” along with some images of him with his canine sibling Adikus and human parents. He enjoys playing fetch, napping in the bed, and exploring the yard. And adores playing with his new sibling and any other canine companions he comes across. He’s the ideal complement. Because he is so adored, Petey is opening up to us and displaying his lovely personality. I’m overjoyed to have him.

Petey the dog had spent over a year at an overcapacity animal shelter, so he had to be moved to the SPCA of Wake County. After posting a picture of him on social media, he found his forever home.

“Petey is very adored; he is opening up to us and displaying his lovely personality. I am very delighted to have him,” one of his new family members said.

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