German Shepherds who have an unshakable relationship fiercely cling to one another in a shelter

The fate of the two canines was radically altered by a photograph of them cuddling taken at the shelter.

Dogs are social animals, which is why they frequently develop close relationships with people. They can, however, also develop strong attachments to other dogs. This might occur as a result of dogs preferring to live in packs.

If there are two dogs living together, they could become close. Additionally, it is normal for dogs who stay at a rescue or shelter to develop a bond.

‘Bonded dogs’ are perfectly exemplified by Apollo and Adonis.
As their guardian released them, Adonis and Apollo tightly hugged one another, unsure of what lay in store for them. They probably believed they were going to be taken to a Texas animal shelter with a high euthanasia rate.

The two pups were so terrified that they were shaking when Cindy Droogmans, the founder of the Long Island-based A-Team Elite Rescue Dogs, came upon them.

Adonis and Apollo didn’t have to spend much time in the terrifying place thanks to Droogmans’ efforts.

Droogmans learned the reason their former owner had abandoned the two brothers at a shelter after she had taken them to the veterinarian in Huntington, New York.
Like the majority of dogs in Texas, they are likely dumped because they have heartworms, according to Droogmans, who spoke to The Dodo. They are currently receiving complete care.

No matter what challenges they encountered, these adorable tiny friends never wavered and would give each other comfort by cuddling up together. Usually, Droogmans was successful in placing both pets in loving homes.

She was determined to find a loving home where both animals would be accepted because she was unable to part with them because they were so devoted to one another.
A bonded pair is never easy to place, but have a look at them, she remarked. How could they possibly be divided up?

Happily, the story of Apollo and Adonis has a happy ending.
A huge number of adoption requests were made after the two creatures’ pictures instantly went viral on the internet. They eventually came together and found a loving home where they would live out the rest of their days.

“For the brothers Apollo and Adonis, we received a lot of applications. They became popular online. The adoptive brothers will soon depart for their enduring home. Among the many dogs we rescued from the same high kill facility, Apollo and Adonis are just one couple. Arenze and Albaco should be considered if you like brothers. They are also puppies and urgently require a home where they will receive the love and life they deserve, according to the shelter’s statement.

Droogmans chatted with Bored Panda after adopting her two dogs and discussed how they were adjusting to their new home. Apollo was obviously a little frightened, and when he escaped soon after arrival, it resulted in an alarming occurrence. Fortunately, they were able to find him again after about 24 hours.

Droogmans added, “The tracking team performed a great job. “I was inconsolable and trembling all over. He and his brother have returned.

We are delighted that Apollo and Adonis have been adopted into a permanent home where they can remain together. It is always heart-warming to witness a joyful conclusion.

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