Stray Dog Loves To Hold People’s Hands Through Kennel bars When They Pass By His Kennel

While it can be difficult to spend weeks in an animal shelter, Maxine, a 1-year-old, isn’t giving up.

The adorable shepherd-mix who has spent more than two months at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter (SBCAS) has learned a new trick to communicate with people who pass by her kennel by sticking her paw through a hole and placing it in their hands.


This adorable puppy is starving for love, the animal sanctuary wrote on Facebook.

Due to problems with their other resident dog, Maxine’s family gave her to the shelter.

Melissa, the volunteer coordinator for SBCAS, told The Dodo that while she got along well with everyone in the house, the other dog did not.

This adorable puppy is starving for love, the animal sanctuary wrote on Facebook.

As a result, Maxine’s family sent her to SBCAS in an effort to match her with the ideal family.

Although adoptions have been slower than usual and the shelter is full, Maxine is still looking for her happy family.

No matter what, Maxine is always very happy when someone comes to see her in her kennel.

In a video SBCAS shared on Facebook, Maxine can be seen taking advantage of a visitor’s cuddles through the bars of the crate. Maxine gets as near to her new friend as she can, even though her new friend can only reach a few fingers into the cage.


The staff at the shelter enjoys spending time with Maxine, but they are desperate to find her a cozy home and a loving family.

The facility is currently at capacity, so adoptions are free, Melissa said. We’re hoping that this may enable her to locate her family.


Because of her prior experience with animals, Maxine’s friends at the shelter believe that she would thrive as the only pet in her home. Additionally, SBCAS will take all practical steps to ease the transition once she finds her forever family, including offering a cost-free spay procedure.


Maxine gives her friend’s hand a powerful tail wag and rolls onto her back to give herself a belly rub.

While Maxine waits for her happily ever after, her carers at the shelter will keep holding her paws and keeping her company.

There are many other dogs available for adoption at SBAC.


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