Former Stray Dog Is So Grateful To Have His Own Food Bowl That He Sleeps With It Every Night

Adopting a rescue dog can completely transform a dog’s life. The smallest things may make a world of difference when a dog comes from nothing and has only known maltreatment and loneliness.

That’s what one woman discovered after bringing a new dog home and witnessing his endearing response to one of the most simple things.

Susanne, a woman, adopted Neville, a 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix. She already had rescue dogs at home, but she knew she had to take Neville when she saw him.

“I knew I loved him right away!” Susanne shared her story with The Dodo. “I waited outside the center for three hours to ensure I was the first to register my interest, and we clicked the instant we saw each other.”

Neville had been discovered as a stray. He wasn’t neutered and had bad teeth, so he was in bad shape. While no one knows for sure what happened to him, he was most likely utilized for breeding.

It was obvious that he had been mistreated in the past… In his new home, he had to unlearn some of his old habits.

Susanne explained, “At first, he used to compete for food and would try to feed right off the floor or from my other dog’s dish.”

Everything changed for Neville when he realized he didn’t have to compete for food—in fact, he had his own dish to eat from.

“I had to teach him to eat from a bowl, and once he got the hang of it, that bowl became his prized possession.”

Neville was so enamored with his own bowl that he never let it out of his sight… He still sleeps with it at night, even after all these years.

Susanne told The Dodo, “I suppose he just never had one of his own and now understands he has one and is promised a reliable source of nice, nutritious meals.”

“He simply appears to be so heartbrokenly appreciative for a plain dish. For him, I believe it means warmth and home.”

Rescue dogs come from such humble beginnings that they appreciate the simple pleasures we all take for granted on a daily basis.

It’s a good reminder of why you should “adopt” rather than “shop.” These canines are in severe need of attention and affection.

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