Goose Finds Injured Mate at Wildlife Hospital And Won’t Budge From The Door

There aren’t any romantic books about geese, but there ought to be.

Geese mate for life, unlike many of their erratic human counterparts. As a result, when they honk, “‘Til death do us part,” they really do mean it. This helps to explain why, when a Canada geese called Arnold ended up in the hospital, his wife marched up to the door and demanded visitation rights.

The two wild geese have lived at a pond close to the Cape Wildlife Center (CWC) in Barnstable, Massachusetts, for a considerable amount of time.


The facility’s avian residents are well known to the staff, although they often avoid contact with people and prefer to be left alone. But, the crew jumped in to help when they saw Arnold hobbling and hurt.

The injured gander was eventually captured after a real wild goose chase, and an examination revealed two open fractures on one of his foot, most likely brought on by an aquatic predator. It was necessary to do an operation to heal the damage because the webbing and skin had been ripped away, exposing the bones.

Staff members heard a light, mysterious tapping at their door the day after while they were preparing Arnold for surgery.

According to a Facebook post by Cape Wildlife Center, “We turned to discover that his mate had waddled up onto the porch and was trying to get into our clinic.” She had managed to track him down and was frustrated that she couldn’t enter.

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