A Cute Talk Between A Police Officer And A Little Baby Owl

One day, two Boulder, Colorado, police officers were traveling along a gravel road when they noticed a small animal in the center of the road.
They came closer and saw it was a cute little Northern Saw-Wher owl.

The deputies came out and attempted to assist the owl, which was obviously lost and in danger as it stood in the center of the road.

She called out, “Hey, what’s up,” as one of the deputies walked up to the owl.

The small owl appeared to respond when the deputy spoke to it because she began to turn her head around and giggle.

She therefore said “hello” once again, this time. The owl appeared to be listening carefully as its eye opened wide.

After the deputy stopped recording at this point, they both attempted to move the owl from the road, and they were successful with no problems; the owl then took off.

Here is a clip of the owl in action:

The Northern Saw-whet Owl is a little owl with a cat-like face, an enormous head, and brilliant yellow eyes that virtually burst with attitude. Because of its vertically asymmetrical ears and unusually shaped ear apertures, it possesses extremely sophisticated hearing, they wrote.

These owls mostly hunt at night and dawn, and they frequently employ the “sit and wait” strategy to descend from low hunting perches onto prey that is on the ground. Maybe this small fellow is setting a trap for you.


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