Dog Saves 89-Year-Old Neighbor Who Broke His Hip

Dogs are claimed to have “extrasensory” abilities. Their vision and hearing are far superior to ours, but they also have a distinct way of seeing the environment. This wonderful anecdote is proof of that.

Sadie, the Great Dane, has always been a sweet and loyal companion. Rob Jerry sensed something was wrong after taking a walk on St. Patrick’s Day morning. When prompted, his puppy stood on the edge of the driveway and refused to move. Dad was perplexed as to what was going on because this had never happened before. He also heard what sounded like a roaring deer in the background. Then he understood it was someone who was truly yelling for assistance.

Sadie attempted to enlist the assistance of the proprietor, but she was unsuccessful. Jerry was chasing Great Dane when she came upon her 89-year-old neighbor Albert Larson, who was laying motionless on the ground. When he went to get the mail, the older man fell.

The man had a broken hip, and no one knows how long he would have been on the floor if it hadn’t been for Sadie. Albert’s life was saved by Great Dane, and he is eternally thankful. Find out more about the heroic dog:

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