Cute Puppy Fakes Limps Out of Sympathy For Owner in a Funny Way

Bill is a London native. He has just shown that dogs have much better hearts than people.
We are all aware of how affable these canine friends are. But they consistently surprise us with new things they plan to do to win our favor. We’re here to tell you the tale of Bill, a canine who attempted to pass for a limp.

The proprietor of Bill, Russell Jones, had a plaster cast on his right leg. He had to use a crutch to walk as a result. Now, Bill, the dog began acting limp in an attempt to mimic his owner.

Please tell me you can’t love that face.
Rusell shared the incident via a video on Facebook.

In the video’s captions, he says

“Vet costs and X-rays cost me £300; there was nothing wrong; only pity. I adore him.

39k shares and 22k likes were received by the video.

Out of pure love, Bill was merely attempting to compliment his human. Just out of affection for Rusell, he raised his left front foot and pretended to limp.

Such a kind-hearted dog.

Watch out for the adorable limp in the video below!


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