Dog Takes A Bus Ride All Alone Every Single Day, Just To Go To The Park

Dog Takes A Bus Ride All Alone Every Single Day, Just To Go To The Park – News

Eclipse is Seattle’s famous bus-riding dog, a black Labrador and Mastiff mix. She rides the bus alone on a regular basis and knows exactly where her stop is, which has made her fairly popular among fellow commuters. Her bus ride began when her owner, Jeff Young, took too long to finish his cigarette at the bus stop.
Eclipse boarded the bus without him and proceeded to the park where they were both going. Eclipse loves riding the bus so much that she’s been going to the park on her own virtually every day since then, meeting her owner later at the park.

Eclipse, a four-legged D line bus passenger in Seattle, is pictured here.

She boarded the bus by herself and knew exactly where she wanted to get off.

She wears a bus pass around her neck and arrives at the Belltown dog park to meet her owner.
Jeff Young, her owner, once took too long to finish his cigarette and missed the first bus that came along.
Eclipse, on the other hand, boarded the bus and exited at the park.

And that’s how her solo bus-riding adventure began. Since then, Jeff knew he could always just catch up with Eclipse at the park.

In King County, dogs are permitted on buses at the discretion of the driver. After all, no one would refuse a ride to such a clever dog, and Eclipse is a good dog who does not harm other people.

Eclipse brightens commuters’ days, so drivers are always happy to offer her a lift.

Eclipse is a boon to King County, and everyone enjoys her company.

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