After four years, a man who said he would never stop looking for his dog finds him.

Michael Joy went through what every dog owner dreads in 2016. His three beloved dogs became disoriented and vanished.

Two of the dogs returned, but Sam, a 4-month-old Labrador retriever, was still missing. Michael looked everywhere for Sam, searching all of the local shelters.

Michael stated, “I told my wife, ‘Hey, I’m gonna find this dog.'” I never stopped, I always followed the shelters’ pages, and I even continue to do so in case he had shown up.

In the end, Michael and his family moved to Kentucky, but he never gave up hope that Sam was somewhere else. In the hope that Sam would still be present at their previous residence in Georgia, he regularly returned there.

Michael had not been able to locate Sam after almost five years.

But then City Dogs Cleveland called Michael out of the blue one day.
She declares, “We have Sam.” I keep thinking, “This can’t be the same Sam!” in the back of my mind. Michael asserted.

“We’re in Ohio! This is practically Michigan!

Therefore, I asked, “Can you describe him for me?” I was like, “Where are you and when can I pick him up?” when she said, “He’s a lighter-haired dog.”

Sam had been examined by the shelter, and during the process, they scanned him and discovered his microchip. After that, they were able to locate him in the Joy family.

In the hope that Sam would still remember him, Michael drove eight hours to Ohio that day. Over the course of those years, Michael and Sam had both undergone significant transformations.
“You can just see the anticipation in my face as we get up there and I wait for them to pull Sam out. Michael stated, “I felt like a kid on Christmas.”

Michael was just as thrilled as Sam was! He jumped all over his father and waggled his tail incessantly.


Any reasonable person would agree that Michael will not be letting Sam far away from him again at any point in the near future!

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