No One Wanted A Dying, 16-Year-Old Shelter Dog And Then A Family Took A Chance

Bubbles and Bella are now inseparable best friends, and their long-standing relationship is being celebrated around the globe! Although Bubbles was fortunate to escape her miserable life in the dangerous forest, it was Bella’s embrace as a kindred spirit that truly saved her soul! Let’s toast to this beautiful and transcendent love connection! Watch Bella and Bubbles get lost in each other’s comp in the video below.

Bear’s kennel record is seen here. Ilovemydogsomuch writes, “It was just an old dog who needed some support.”

His ride to freedom.

Bear’s very first day at his new home!

The puppy, now known as Norman, discovered some cool places to relax.

He absolutely loves napping!

And, like every other dog, he enjoys eating. Enjoying life to the fullest!

With each passing day, he seemed to be getting better.

The senior dog’s improved outlook on life — and new appearance — came as a result of his rescue.

Adopting a dog not only saves his life, but it also improves it! This story is evidence of that.
It first appeared on imgur.Norman’s Journey

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