The scared dog huddled in the corner for weeks until the woman convinced the dog to come out of its shell

Kristin was the most traumatized dog that Jodi and her family had ever encountered in their ten years of foster care. The whole day, Kristin stood in a corner outside. She had no interest in interacting with anyone else. Jodi left some food and water out while allowing Kristin some alone time.
They also made an effort to convey to Kristin their intention not to harm her. The wife and I would alternate. Let her know that we won’t be making these jarring motions for at least 10 to 12 hours a day, Jodi recalled. “

To let Kristin know they were kind and that she wasn’t alone, they simply stood outside and sat close to her.


They did this for weeks before making any progress.

Yet the time eventually arrived when Kristin was prepared to enter her own home. The incident caused Jodi to cry.

Jodi remembered, “I felt at that moment she trusted that his house is a safe house. She would begin sprinting to the bathroom’s corner, but we still had a lot of work to do.

In a month or two, Jodi really began to feel like her new house was her home.

She desired to be with her new family at that time. As Kristin got out of her cozy bed and strolled over to Jodi’s husband to receive affection, the family was overjoyed. That was significant for us, Jodi remarked.

In addition to a new human foster family, Kristin also had a new family of canine companions who stayed in the home or were fosters who came and went. Kristin and her new playmates got along great.

On Jodi’s foster profile, it was said that Kristin had come from a violent home.

Together with three of her mastiff siblings, she was saved. Because of this, Kristin initially had little faith in her foster family.

“Due to the appalling conditions in which these mastiffs were discovered, charges for extreme cruelty and neglect were brought. Four were saved by BDHP after rescue intervened (another rescue took the fifth). Currently all in foster care, they will all soon be eligible for adoption. Jodi clarifies

The other siblings of Kristin likewise struggled with their emotions. Yet Jodi has demonstrated that love heals all things.

Kristin was like a brand-new puppy because of Jodi’s love and attention.

She had completely broken out of her shell and was the contented, devoted dog she had always deserved to be.

After Kristin was fully recovered and in good health, Jodi planned to place her for adoption.

We are pleased to announce that Kristin has failed as a foster child. Jodi and her family determined that Kristin belonged to them and would always be a part of them.



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