After no one stopped for him, a shelter cat discovers a creative way to get himself a home.

Image Credit: Facebook/cathavenwa

People often choose to adopt pets that act and appear cute while choosing a pet. Pets in shelters must therefore be adorable in order to be adopted quickly. But, there are situations when being cute is not enough to secure a forever home.

That’s exactly what Sigmund, a three-year-old cat, did. Despite being a cute and affectionate cat, no one wanted to adopt this guy. He had to spend the majority of his life in the animal shelter Cat Haven WA because he had problems getting people to pay attention.

He was adopted once, but his owners returned him to the shelter after just two weeks because he “played too rough.”

Sigmund wasn’t deterred after being sent back to the shelter and had a constant desire for a forever home. And Sigmund devised a sweet ruse to get himself noticed by both the staff and potential new families in order to avoid that fate.

The cunning cat started licking his enclosure’s glass window whenever a possible adopter passed by. The Cat Haven WA employees started taking photos of Sigmund after noticing his unusual behavior, and they later shared those photos on Facebook. They hoped that someone who might be a future adopter would notice these pictures.

Fortunately for Sigmund, his wonderfully funny approach worked, and people started paying attention to him. It assisted him in relocating, and his new owners adore him for all of his eccentricities, grumpiness, and meticulous window cleaning!

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