Pilot flies terminal shelter dog 400 miles to spend her last days with a loving family

She was only given a few weeks to live, so the pilot flew her 400 miles away to her adoptive family so that her last weeks would be spent with them.

Sadly, not every animal in a shelter has a successful outcome. A few months ago, a North Carolina animal shelter discovered that Ashlyn, a kind old dog, had cancer.

The unfortunate four-footer only had a few days left to live, but a pilot made sure her remaining days were packed with caring. It all started when Ashlyn felt a little depressed one day, and it soon became clear that she was sick. Cancer was diagnosed by veterinarians, and there were several lesions under the skin.

Poor Ashlyn didn’t even have the stamina to run or play at one point. The shelter has no way of getting her there soon, and the pup didn’t have much longer to live. However, there is one man who came to the rescue in a miraculous manner. Paul Steklenski, the director of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and a skilled pilot, vowed to get Ashlyn there as soon as possible.

The little four-footer had already enjoyed the flight.

Paul shared a few photos of himself and his friend flying in the air, which are quite adorable and fascinating to behold. Ashlyn took a few minutes to get used to the breeze, but you can tell she is enjoying herself. Paul fed her dog biscuits as a reward if the dog felt anxious in the breeze.

The pilot became emotional during the flight after seeing how much happier this pup was than she had been in recent weeks. Paul has always had a love of flying and pets, so he decided a few years ago that we will try to merge those two loves. He founded Flying Fur Rescue and has been transporting animals from A to B ever since.

You could see Ashlyn’s smile return as soon as she met her new family. Tracy Lancer, a caring and kind woman who would make sure Ashlyn received plenty of love and tender loving care, picked up the dog. Even so, Tracy was astounded to see Ashlyn in such a state. You could see Ashlyn’s smile return as soon as she met her new family.

Tracy Lancer took up the dog, a nice and compassionate woman who would make sure Ashlyn received lots of affection and tender loving care. Tracy was nonetheless shocked to see Ashlyn in such a state.

Ashlyn’s weight was regained, and Tracy saw to it that she got the best medical care.

Even though Ashlyn only had a few weeks to live, she is currently in good health.

In fact, you might tell she’s a totally different puppy now! She’s been doing well both physically and emotionally. Ashlyn is back to being a puppy of boundless potential.

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