Shelter puppy breaks out of kennel and attempts to make friends with big dogs.

In Burbank, California, the MuttShack Animal Rescue is committed to aiding dogs in underprivileged areas.

They just wish to assist animals in receiving the necessary veterinary care; they have no interest in removing pets from their owners if they are not being mistreated.
According to their website, barely 80% of the 23 million pets owned by low-income families in America ever receive veterinary care, and a staggering 91% of them are not spayed or neutered.
As you can expect, this results in a large number of puppies that these families are unable to care for. Moreover, MuttShack offers to save and rehome such puppies.

The group wants to grow the puppies in their no-kill facility to be healthy and appropriately socialized because the shelters are overloaded.

That occasionally results in the opportunity for dogs to interact who might not usually do so!
And in 2014, due to the stark size disparity between the two, two of their occupants made an unexpected friendship last only a brief period of time. Their lovely encounter went viral.

The name of the little Chihuahua is unknown; all we know is that it got loose amid some bigger dogs. (Maybe that was done on purpose, given the pup’s confidence, which rivals that of a dog ten times its size.)

A Great Dane by the name of Sasha is the most interested of all the dogs who come out to observe the little mischief maker.
First, another dog approaches but quickly changes his mind.

The Mark Twain Award for American Humor is awarded to Adam Sandler.

Still, it was a pleasant, warm “welcome.”

The newcomer to the neighborhood starts to act uneasy when it encounters another, larger dog.
As soon as it notices legs surrounding it that go up and up and up, it starts to get away.

The dog is visible in this picture, although it is concealed by a leg.

The Great Dane insists that the two strangers examine each other, but the tiny dog continues prancing away.

For him, there’s nothing to sniff! He’ll require a lift, for sure!

Of fact, Sasha only needs to take one step to dissuade the chihuahua and turn the situation around so she can get in a few more sniffs.

There isn’t any hostility there; Sasha is simply using her size as an advantage to assess the newcomer.

The small dog mostly cooperates because it doesn’t make any noises that would indicate it is threatened and because there are humans nearby.

The original dog then reappears in a comical turn of events.

Its mouth is holding a toy, which is a really lovely gesture. We suppose it’s sending an offering to make the new, small resident feel welcome.

But as soon as the dog attempts to drop the toy and notices that it is larger than the chihuahua, it must swiftly change its mind!

So much for having fun!

Yet as the real fun starts, we realize that dogs actually do have a lot in common.
A squirrel has been seen!

The footage cuts to the woods as everyone sprints away (and the squirrel that no doubt got away after getting quite a head start).

If the blog for the rescue is any indication, the sweet, laid-back Dane just likes her friends a little, contrary to what some people speculated in the comments on MuttShack’s YouTube video.

Here she is with Gus, a puppy she assisted in rehabilitating in 2014.

You should probably hold off on making any donations to MuttShack until you contact and make sure they are still carrying out their original objective and continuing to operate as a non-profit, as they haven’t updated their social media or website in quite some time.

But there are certainly similar shelters with equally charming tales in your area!
If you need a little extra company during the pandemic, why not search them up and check them out?

Scroll down below to watch Sasha and her little friend’s first encounter in the meantime.

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