Man experiencing homelessness chooses dog over housing, much-needed surgery: ‘I will not leave him’

Man experiencing homelessness chooses dog over housing, much-needed surgery: ‘I will not leave him’

Donald Dickerson’s canine is his fashionable companion, and he is willing to give up practically anything for him. “I know I’m loved because he stares at me every day.” Because he’s my dude, I named him Duude. “We have a close, close connection,” Dickerson said of his friendship with Duude. According to Fox8, the brace’s connection has gotten stronger over time while they’ve been homeless.
Dickerson, who spends his days and nights with his canine companion in a campground in a Greensboro, North Carolina woodland, said, “He’s been hanging in there with me.” The kicker is that the man had the choice of getting a nicer roof over his head if he gave up Duude. Then he decided to pass it up so he could spend more time with his dog.”

“I could have had a place to live in the past, but they wanted me to foster my dog.” Dickerson, who is homeless and in poor condition, showed his displeasure by saying, “I’m not doing that.” For a long time, his blown knee has been causing him a lot of pain. “It’s excruciating. Every day, I have to trek up and down this hill,” he explained.

Dickerson now need partial knee relief surgery, which had been scheduled months ago, but croakers informed him that they couldn’t operate on him just yet. “When the croakers found out I was homeless, they said we have to put it on hold until you find a place to live because someone needs to come out and look after you,” he added.
Unfortunately, he has not been able to find a suitable home for both himself and his little Duude. But that hasn’t stopped him from giving it his all. “I can’t give up on him,” he replied, his determination palpable. Dickerson is willing to forego the surgery if it means saying goodbye to his canine companion. “If I had to be homeless and go without my surgery and continue to suffer, I will,” she says.

*It takes that especial existent since they watch more about anyone differently from themselves,” Lane Miller, who was really moved by Miller’s immolation, stated. After meeting Dickerson every day on her way to work down Wendover Avenue, Miller built a friendship with him.

“I’m about to see this gentleman for the last time. Through the mask, I could see his smile — OK, and that’s probably what did it for me “Miller went out to a number of organizations and agencies in the hopes of receiving assistance. “I was scared because he didn’t have a place to go,” she explained, “but he was authorized for surgery, so I started reaching out and I ran into a lot of stumbling blocks.”
The Volunteer Center of the Triad is currently collaborating with other organizations to assist Dickerson and Duude in finding a permanent residence. As he waits for the day to come, the man says, “I would have given up if it hadn’t been for (Duude). But, even if I don’t have my surgery, I’ll do it because I’m not giving up on him if I have to be homeless.”

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