Hooch The Great Dane is absolutely obsessed with wearing crocs

It’s not surprising that Great Danes have trouble finding comfortable shoes because they have some of the largest canine paws. That all changed for a canine by the name of Hooch when she came some fake Crocs. These vibrant slides, made of a substance that resembles PEVA, assist in reducing barking from Hooch’s dogs.

Holly Smith, the dog’s mother, found the blue dog “Crocs” online and decided Hooch needed them to protect her delicate paw pads. Smith was at least aware that the ridiculous shoes would make for a humorous photo shoot. She didn’t anticipate her dog falling in love with them.

Hooch felt the desire to show off as soon as Smith fastened the canine Crocs to her feet. She often wears boots to keep her paws protected from the outdoors, but the perforated, ventilated clogs were a completely new feeling for her.

We HAD to go on a test walk after I put them on because “she was instantly enthusiastic,” Smith told The Dodo.

Hooch wanted to do more than simply stroll in her Crocs; she wanted to sprint!

Her brilliant blue feet added to the adoration she received from the neighborhood (even more than the pony-sized dog usually gets).

They are loved by her, Smith added. “While wearing these, she attracts more attention.”

Hooch only owns one pair of Crocs at the moment, but she wears them constantly and is willing to amass every color of rubber-soled dog clog.

Although Hooch’s clogs have undoubtedly attracted the most attention online and in person, they are not her sole fashionable clothing choice.

She likes to get dressed up for the holidays and other occasions, just like her canine and feline siblings. She is shown here enjoying Thanksgiving with her animal friends.

And here they are dressing up as elves to celebrate Christmas.

She leaned into her horse-like proportions, masquerading as a thoroughbred for Halloween.

Hooch is actually a gentle giant despite her stature. She enjoys interacting with new people, puppies (particularly small dogs), spending time with her mother and siblings, and showcasing her most recent fashion choices.

Despite her best efforts, she can’t help but enjoy all the attention that comes with her newfound popularity.



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