Stolen Puppy Notifies Pet Shop Staff That He’s Not With His Real Family

Dogs have ways of communicating with us even when they can’t speak directly to us. Vango, an Australian Shepherd that was stolen, serves as a prime illustration of a canine attention-getter.

Vango was taken by a couple, who used him to buy supplies at a pet store. Vango understood that while he was in the store, it was the ideal time to cause a commotion. When he began acting strangely to attract the notice of the workers, the thieves’ responses only served to fuel suspicion. Vango prevented a dognapping by himself!

Australian Shepherd at home

Dog trainer Yves Jodoin, who works at Au Royaume des Animaux, saw Vargo enter the store with two customers who typically purchased cat food. Jodoin was yelled at by Vargo, so he gave the dog a treat. Vargo continued to bark at him as if he had something to say even after obtaining a few nibbles.
Jodoin questioned the couple about the dog but they didn’t appear to be knowledgeable about their canine companion. They had no idea of his age, whether he was fixed, or what he typically ate. Another staff started looking for lost dog ads on social media when they realized that the consumers were dodging the queries.

Indeed, Josée Francoeur, Vango’s human, had posted about him going missing just a few hours earlier. Jodoin was certain that this pup was him because he remembered having trained Vango in the past. As Jodoin questioned the pair about where they obtained Vango, they became combative and evaded him.

As that happened, I said, “Vango, come!” The dog was responding by jumping,” stated Jodoin. He was trying to communicate, “Hey, I’m not the dog they claim I am,” the entire time by barking and prodding.

Stolen dog gets help

Vango’s Efforts Payed Off!
The pair then acknowledged that Vango was not their dog. They claimed they couldn’t afford to buy and train a new dog, so they decided to keep Vango as a service animal after finding him in the woods. Francoeur, on the other hand, believes that Vango was abducted since she finds it unlikely that he could have escaped.

The puppy was returned to Francoeur by the pet store staff after Jodoin persuaded the couple to give it up. Francoeur sobbed joyfully as she heard that her puppy had been found safe. When she let him out to potty earlier that morning, he had vanished from her yard. Francoeur reported the pair to the police.

woman and dog reunited

I don’t want to make them uncomfortable. We are unaware of their motivation. Nevertheless, they also abducted my baby, according to Francoeur. I wish to warn others against doing this.

Francoeur made an appointment right away to have Vargo microchipped as he hadn’t been at the time. Vargo might not have made his way home if he hadn’t caught the employees’ notice at the pet store.

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