Hero Dog’s Frantic Barks Lead Biker to an Abandoned Baby

This moving tale of a brave dog searching for his home and what he discovered instead comes from the Philippines.

According to The Sun, a little dog ran along the side of the road barking at Junrell Fuentes Revilla’s motorcycle as he was passing through the Sibonga village in Cebu in late December. The dog would not stop.

Revilla wondered why the dog was acting in such an odd way, so he turned around and followed him. A young child with a brown blanket was lying on some grass next to a pile of debris near a dumpsite when the dog ran to the top of the pile. According to The Sun, the baby’s umbilical cord was still attached. Revilla brought the child to the hospital right away and called the police to report the occurrence.

Fortunately, the brave dog quickly located the proper person to assist. The kid was found to be healthy after a thorough examination, and social services were then entrusted with its care, according to The Sun.

The puppy was still in trouble, though. He had been pacing the dumpsite with a group of stray animals. During one of their feeding missions, the pet rescue groups PAWssion Project and Hope for Strays in Cebu went in search of him and discovered his pet dad, Kuya Lyndon Olingay, along the way.

Blacky, as he goes by, is one of the 10 canines Olingay and his family take care of despite their meager resources. Blacky is 18 months old, according to Olingay. Hence, in order to honor the life Blacky saved and to generate money for the Olingays, the two rescue organizations publicized Blacky’s bravery in the neighborhood press. Make this heroic dog the hero of his family right this second, wrote Passion Project on Instagram.


By December’s end, donations were pouring in. Olingay’s human and canine families received thousands of dollars’ worth of food, supplies, and medical attention from Hope for Strays and PAWssion Project. It’s a heartwarming and fitting conclusion for the brave canine who acted on his moral convictions.

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