Heroic herd dog fights off a pack of 11 coyotes to protect sheep, earns praise online

Several ravenous coyotes broke into a farm in Decatur, Georgia. A group of sheep in the pasture close to the owner’s house was their intended target.

The livestock dog that guards and defends them was something the coyotes were unaware of. The guard dog was critically hurt but declared the winner after a brutal battle that left eight coyotes dead.

Around 9 p.m. on November 3rd, a pack of coyotes approached the home of farmer John Wierwiller.

By hurling rocks at them, he was able to force them aside. They returned at around two in the morning though, determined to get what they desired.

His two guard dogs, Casper and Daisy, bravely backed up the sheep in the corner in an effort to defend them from the ravaging coyotes.

Wierwiller observed some coyotes inside the pen already, and more were approaching it. There were approximately five or six coyotes standing by, ready to attack the dogs and lambs.

Wierwiller claimed that while he was not afraid of the coyotes attacking them, he was afraid for Casper since they were more concerned with him than with anyone else.

Casper being treated at LifeLine Clinic

Casper sprang into action without waiting any longer, throwing himself in the middle of the group and fending them off for a whole thirty minutes.

After killing a couple coyotes with success, Casper continued. In an effort to eliminate the others, he persisted in his combat. The remaining coyotes were able to scale the fence and leave in separate directions.

Casper pursued them relentlessly, killing a couple more outside the gate. Following the altercation, Wierwiller lost track of Casper and was unable to locate him.

A flock of sheep at Wierwiller's farm

Wierwiller was more concerned about his dog going missing than the eight coyotes Casper managed to kill without harming any of his sheep.

The following day, Wierwiller recalled, “we thought we could find him, we thought he must have been killed, and so we were looking for him.”

He was more alarmed by the discovery of his tail’s fragments and blood.

Sheep with their guard dog

With the aid of his neighbors, Wierwiller conducted a search for Casper, and after a few days, he showed up at the farm with apparent wounds.

“He appeared awful. When he returned home, he simply sort of stated to me, “Boss, stop looking at how bad I look; just take care of me,” according to Wierwiller.

Wierwiller took care of him with the aid of LifeLine, a nonprofit organization that works to prevent the killing of healthy, treatable animals in shelters, exactly as Casper appeared to be ordering him. Casper underwent multiple operations to repair his neck and back wounds and amputate his tail.

Casper being looked after at LifeLine Clinic

On November 28, Wierwiller updated his “Ewe Can Do It Naturally” Facebook page with information on Casper.

“About an hour ago, we received some fantastic news: the emergency veterinarians were able to stitch up Casper’s neck wound! This afternoon, Casper will return to the LifeLine Clinic for a check-up and will probably remain there for a few more days.

Vets treating Casper at LifeLine Clinic

He commended the LifeLine facility for giving Casper excellent treatment at a reasonable price. LifeLine additionally started a GoFundMe to pay Casper’s $15,000 hospital fees.

The group got more donations than they anticipated, so they are utilizing the extra money to support future efforts to save additional animals.

Casper is being treated at LifeLine Clinic

Casper’s bravery will always be remembered as one of the bravest guard dogs, even though he may not be able to continue protecting the sheep in his role as a guard dog.

Casper’s updates can be heard at Ewe Can Do It Naturally.

See how the veterinarians are taking care of Casper and assisting in his recovery by watching the video:



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